Tony & Gracie are a brother and sister duo based out of

Los Angeles, California. They have more than 15 years of experience training, performing, and competing in latin dance and are known around the world for their energetic and fierce fusion style. 

#TGFlores Fusion combines the street-style roots of Latin dance with other urban street styles such as house, Wacking, vogue, Dembow, and Dancehall.

The initial concept was sparked during a house class where Tony & Gracie realized the strong parallels between house and salsa footwork. From there, they began training in various hip-hop styles and experimenting mixing the urban footwork, body movement, music and grooves with salsa and Bachata. 

Interest in the #TGFlores style has skyrocketed which Tony & Gracie attribute to the ever-present desire for evolution in dance. They strive every day to push past their own boundaries, merge dance communities, and pave the way for a new generation and era of dance.

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