Jay-T, a performer and choreographer who has danced for over thirteen years, was born and raised in New York. He is trained in many styles such as Hiphop, Locking, House, The Hustle, Salsa, and more. He is especially known for dancing  Bachata. For Jay-T, dance has always provided an escape, a chance to feel enjoyment through music, and the opportunity to connect with others. He began his journey teaching and choreographing for his peers in high school, providing them with structured yet enjoyable moves they used for talent shows, parties, and other events. Rapidly gaining recognition within his community, he was hired to choreograph for sweet fifteens, weddings and other events. He continued his own training by taking local college dance courses, as well as various  classes/workshops in New York City.  Jay-T has been affiliated with a few dance companies over the years. These affiliations have enabled him to perform locally, nationally and  internationally in live productions, on cruise ships, in music videos and in concerts with various artists such as Frank Reyes, Prince Royce, Henry Santos of Aventura and many more. Driven by his passion,Jay-T's mission is to spread love, positivity, and unity throughout  the dance community, helping to create a fun environment where people contribute to each other's happiness and  growth.

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